Hot Tempered

Aug 26, 2010
After an unusually cool summer, excessive heat warnings were issued for Los Angeles County yesterday.

Just in time for my central air to go kerflooey.
As the temperatures inched toward triple digits, my brave little 110 year old house clung to an interior 88 degrees before finally collapsing into the nineties right around five o’clock where it remained until close to eleven PM. The repair guy couldn’t schedule me an appointment until late afternoon today. He’ll be the one knocking on the front door. I’ll be the puddle on the living room floor.
Expect another scorcher today and tomorrow, then back to the odd summer chill over the weekend. That’s good news for all Southern Californians, not just this cranky blogger. As 500 firefighters currently work to contain a wildfire in Kern County, I remember last year’s fire season all too well.

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