Hot Pursuit

Jan 25, 2010

I have challenges in my daily quest to bring you interesting glimpses of our fair city. Like here, for example. When I saw this charming pair on a Sunday joyride I just knew I had to grab a shot of them. Look at that scrumptious buggy wagon! But don’t let the quaint image fool you — these two could have outrun prohibition-era feds through Raymond Chandler’s version of Los Angeles. Then there was the problem of other cars getting in the way. And a peloton of weekend roadies pedaling toward the Rose Bowl. And my dilemma of having to actually drive my car — following Bonnie and Clyde up there — leaving me unable to take a photograph. I had the bright idea of setting my camera on auto, waving it out of the window and snapping continuously. That yielded choppy images of the camphor trees, the asphalt, my windblown camera strap and a particularly scary view of the side of my head. Finally, I was saved by a stop sign. I stopped further back, aimed, and grabbed the image I wanted. Gotcha, you two!

I’m not sure if I’m a dedicated artist or a stalker.

Oh, and in the spirit of full disclosure this shot was taken on Arroyo just barely over the border into Pasadena. (But to be fair, I chased that car all the way from Trader Joes.)

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