Jan 19, 2011

There are a lot of us in South Pas. We’re the parents who work from home during the hours when our kids are sleeping or at school. You’ll notice us everywhere. We’re waiting outside the kindergarten door before class lets out, checking email on our smart phones. We’re dragging paperwork to the park — paperwork which, for the most part, remains in the backpack next to the juice boxes and handiwipes while we attend to items higher on our task lists like building sand castles or playing hide and seek. We have desks, but they’re usually piled with overdue bills. (We eventually get to those bills. But only after the playdates, the dinner dishes, the laundry, the email and our own work — which is also usually overdue.)

So, instead, we spread out on the coffee table. Late. With ice cream. And if we’re photobloggers completely at a loss for ideas, we resort to a time-honored tradition that seems to work for five-year-olds: show and tell.

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