Good Eats

Aug 2, 2011

Need a healthy dose of old-school diner goodness? Shakers is the place. In a world that changes so fast it gives you whiplash, Shakers is a wonderful constant. It’s like South Pasadena’s home base where you can go to regroup, relax and cure what ails you with a heaping plate of eggs and hash browns.

I was doing just that this past weekend when I asked the waitress about another South Pas staple restaurant, Wild Thyme. It’s owned by the same family who brings us Shakers as well as Central Park Grill in Pasadena. Wild Thyme is being renovated and will reopen with a new name and a new menu. I was told it’s going to be called Canoe and it will serve Hawaiian food. I’m not sure what Hawaiian food is exactly, but I’ll give the proprietors benefit of the doubt. They haven’t let me down yet. (Although, I’m going to miss Wild Thyme’s Italian chopped salad. Sigh.)

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