Going Up

Mar 13, 2010

Remember this image of an empty lot? What a difference a few months (and, dare I hope for it, a recovering economy) can make! Those in the know tell me this structure on Fremont will have mixed retail space on the bottom floor and residential units above.

The restored/refurbished ComericA bank building will be finished sometime this year — hopefully with the historic rosettes. South Pasadena’s talented Steve Dahl of Dahl Architects dropped me a line letting me know that a new cafe will soon open in the space formerly occupied by Puff across from Busters on Mission. Steve is also working on a 70 seat theater in the old nursery building at Mound and El Centro (recently occupied by Dynasty Iron Doors.) What a perfect choice for the space! I would love to see South Pasadena become a live theatre enclave. Fremont Centre Theatre has already set a gloriously high standard. And, gee, we have a certain magical, multi-use movie palace just waiting for a new life — and a few savvy investors.

The sound of those power saws and jackhammers is music to my ears. I believe South Pas is much more than just a beautiful bedroom community. Our downtown is special. We have some of the best restaurants in the region. Our galleries challenge, delight and inspire. Our local shops have any number of unique treasures never seen in big box stores. Plus, we’re right on the Gold Line.

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