Best of Glimpses: #7

Jun 12, 2012

7bf92 kaldi%2Bblack%2Band%2Bwhite%2Bnight%2BHD Best of Glimpses: #7  photoThis shot combines several things I love about shooting pictures in South Pasadena. First of all, it’s Kaldi. The historical building originally served as early South Pasadena’s bank building but now offers a prime, central spot for satisfying a coffee jones while taking in a great view of the South Pasadena Public Library and Morrow Bay Fig tree. Second, it’s one of those night shots that allows me to pretend I’m really a film noir cinematographer. Third, there’s an old car. Even in this shot. See it?

Originally published December 26, 2008.
I continue this week with some of my favorite Glimpses photos. Some things deserve a second look!
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