Best of Glimpses: #14

Jun 19, 2012

9a5ee yoga%2Bwindow%2Bwoman%2Bon%2Bphone Best of Glimpses: #14  photoIf these colors don’t make you feel like zoning out to a little psychedelic music then you are definitely not paying attention! I love happy, trippy accidents like this street shot of Mission Yoga. All together now … ommmmmmmmm.

Originally published January 22, 2009.
It’s been a long few weeks of reruns … and it’s not over yet. Thanks for the opportunity to present some of my favorite Glimpses shots from the past 4 years.
9a5ee 4926759868384604174 2144351263697393251?l=southpasadena.blogspot Best of Glimpses: #14  photo

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