Best of Glimpses: #13

Jun 18, 2012

20845 night%2Bporch%2Bhi%2Bcontrast Best of Glimpses: #13  photoI don’t know if anyone else will like this photograph, but it’s always been a favorite of mine. Something about yin/yang, duality and that old favorite: one’s shadow side. I love South Pasadena’s sweet Norman Rockwell homes in every light, but I’m fascinated with how they assume entirely different personalities at night. By day they reflect such images of hope and promise — and by night they make me think of the inevitable passing of time, of loss. We come and we go, but those homes still stand. It’s lovely and awful all at once. (Maybe I should have titled this one Porch: Deconstructed.)

I’m heading into the final week of my Best of Glimpses hiatus. Thanks for bearing with me while I republish some of my favorite past photos. I needed some down time.
20845 4926759868384604174 4907569362992792821?l=southpasadena.blogspot Best of Glimpses: #13  photo

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