Auto Pilot

Sep 21, 2009

South Pas certainly has a lot of vintage cars, but yesterday Mission Street was literally bumper to bumper with them. The 5th annual Cruz’n for Roses Hot Rod and Classic Car Show filled up the old section of Route 66 with hundreds of gas-guzzling works of art. The yearly festival promotes South Pasadena’s Rose Parade float — the oldest self-built float in the Tournament of Roses.

It was a photographer’s dream of color and chrome, and wouldn’t you know it? Your faithful blogger missed all of it, having spent most of the day in Beverly Hills.

Still, this fantastic lowrider lingered on El Centro late in the day, kindly posing for a portrait and allowing me to save face. (For a better idea of the festival, here’s my shot from last year’s show.) If any of you took pics, feel free to link to them in comments.

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