Arty Wench

Aug 17, 2012

Ever wish you could literally immerse yourself in art? Well, that’s what I did at last month’s South Pasadena Art Crawl. (See how I turned a goofy photo after a few glasses of wine into a truly highbrow endeavor? I’m good that way.)

Carnival Cut-Outs were scattered along the South Pas business district, giving South Pas art lovers a chance to “get into the picture.” And, you know, we all kinda wish we could be in pictures. The Cut-Outs were conceived by Marie Miller and created by local artists as part of a collaborative project sponsored by our friends at SPACE and the South Pasadena Arts Council.
For a small city, South Pasadena has a ginormous collective of creative people.
SPACE is not only an incredible gallery, but it offers creative workshops for developing artists of all ages. (Little Bit just finished up a week of Art Camp there.) Find out more about the terrific programs at SPACE here.
South Pasadena Arts Council provides a great networking resource for local artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, set designers, singers, performance artists, photographers, directors and art patrons who want to make sure the arts thrive in South Pasadena. Find out how you can join us at SPARC here.
And you thought this post was going to be about drinking beer. (Well, the Orange Grove Park building was once a beer garden … but that’s another post.)
The things I do in the name of art.

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