A Shot of a Shot

Mar 4, 2012

My neighborhood doubled as a movie set again last week. This time, it was for Burt Wonderstone, a film featuring Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell. (No, Mr. Carrey and Mr. Carrell weren’t around for this particular location. If they were, your faithful blogger might have been arrested for stalking.)

A crew of about 200 took our street back in time to the early 80s — complete with an old Pinto and a lot of looooong General Motors sedans. It was like being transported back to my youth, except without the Air Supply and mullets. (No, I didn’t shoot the cars. Why should I when I can get these cars anytime I want?)
Here, everyone waited while a tracking shot was set up. After about a half day of shooting, they packed up, took their dolly and went home. (Yes, I’ve always wanted to make that bad pun!)

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