Mar 13, 2013

Photo by Kathryn Stripling Byer









Of morning light on your hands, two paper lanterns on the mahogany nightstand and last night’s shadows rescinding into the room’s crevices.

Of our befores, and how years spiraled into years. Of seconds now, of seconds (and the silent gap between seconds), of seconds resonating from now’s clock.

Of our breaths and how separate rhythms find one rhythm before parting: two then one; one, one, the proud-alone-one; two as human-and-needed-one.

Of the addled and at-peace mind. Of what’s recovered therein—extinguished wicks, ready-wax and paper’s want to illume that which will inevitably claim us.

Of dawn pulsing the curtains vibrant. Green traces of gold,

you open your eyes to me.

Copyright © Dain Fedora

Headshot - Dain FedoraDain Fedora is a graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts where he earned an MFA in Poetry. He lives in Pasadena and works in Los Angeles.




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