Take Care

Jun 13, 2012

Eaton Canyon's 2nd Waterfall; photo from video by megb2311

The lure of a waterfall; it’s too tempting for many.

The reality is that the canyon walls are steep, and the shale geology in Eaton Canyon makes the earth crumble under a hiker’s feet. For an enthusiast, it’s hard to imagine that this environment is not awaiting our exploration. We like to be physically tested, we’re eager for a challenge, yearn to conquer. We may want to be mesmerized by the majesty and beauty of a waterfall, or, as teenagers, we may succumb to a dare to “ride” the waterfall. The difficult truth is, it’s too dangerous.

Over 60 rescues have been conducted over the last year, 20 of them requiring hikers to be flown out by helicopters, and two of them being the recovery of bodies.

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On June 4th, a young woman fell 100 feet and had to be rescued. She was flown to Huntington Hospital where she was admitted to the ICU and expected to undergo surgery.

Authorities emphasize: There is no official, safe trail to the second waterfall.

1 Response for “Take Care”

  1. Yeah, I agree, a waterfall may be dangerous while people trap in their natural wave of beauty. I’ve encountered one such danger myself while enjoying the fall.



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