What is a Letter? At the Huntington

Nov 29, 2011


A nice break from the onslaught of Holiday programming: since the late 19th century, there has been a steady stream of complaints about the disappearing art of letter-writing. First it was postcards (though these can be plenty communicative), and now it’s email. Still, are things really that different? If we’re parsing this event description correctly, then Peter Stallybrass (great name) is going to argue that No, people have always, for the most part, been as efficient as they could; or, as the description puts it: “for the great majority of correspondents from the 16th century onward, the art of letter-writing has been the art of writing as little as possible.” Why the s16th century? Come to the Huntington next Wednesday and find out.


Distinguished Fellow Lecture: What is a Letter?
Wednesday, December 7, 7:30 p.m.
The Huntington Library, Friends’ Hall
1151 Oxford Road, San Marino
Free!; 626.405.2100



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