Thiebaud at the Norton Simon

Jun 24, 2009

thiebaudcakejpgWayne Thiebaud’s richly textured, vividly colorful paintings of food, especially cakes, are among the best-known works of 1960s and ’70s California painters. What are less known are his monochromatic prints of the same subject matter, but with its new show, the Norton Simon is aiming to broaden our understanding of Thiebaud’s range and work. Called Sweets & Treats, the show focuses on a series of strongly graphic, two-dimensional prints that look at food in a completely different way; to quote the museum, “Thiebaud shows us that his work is not just about the surface, texture and relief of painting; it is also about the abundance and uniformity apparent in every pie case in every diner in the country.”

Just make sure to allow time for a trip to Pie ‘n Burger for a piece of pie after the show.

Sweets & Treats
June 26-November 2
Norton Simon Museum
411 W. Colorado Blvd., Old Pasadena
Closed Tues.



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