The Return of Theatre Americana

Feb 4, 2010

Once upon a time, in a tough economic climate, a Democratic president and a Democratic congress spent lots of money on government programs that created jobs for all sorts of people, including ne’er-do-wells like artists, writers, actors and directors. Among those ne’er-do-wells to take a government handout was a bunch of boho types in Altadena, who used the money to start a program called Theatre Americana, which resided for many decades at Farnsworth Park Amphitheater & Davies Hall. They put on original plays by American playwrights. And then they stopped — there hasn’t been a play produced at Davies Hall for more than ten years.

Until now: Come the day before Valentine’s Day, Theatre Americana returns to the stage with Polterheist, an original play (naturally) about an eccentric Boston family at the turn of the (20th?) century. Also there’s a gypsy, a crystal ball, a con artist, a big diamond and some ghosts. It’s a comedy, in case you were wondering. There will be a reception preceding the show to celebrate Theatre Americana’s homecoming. Proceeds go to the Farnsworth Park After School Program. This is a great chance to participate in a local arts scene and a community’s heritage, for a good cause, in one fell swoop.

Theatre Americana: Polterheist

February 13, 7 p.m. reception, 8 p.m. performance
Farnsworth Park, 568 E. Mount Curve Ave., Altadena
Tickets $15
Visit or call 626.840.3551

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