The (Free) Rose Bowl Stadium Games

May 14, 2010

The elusive Rose Bowl. You see it all the time. You drive past it on your way to Glendale. Sure, you can bike around it, or play soccer on the surrounding fields. But have you ever been… inside? Maybe you have, but I sure haven’t. But that can change, this very Sunday. Here’s how:

The Rose Bowl, of course, is going to be renovated — a plan not without some controversy. As part of the PR campaign to convince us all that this is a good idea, the city and the Rose Bowl Operating Company are opening the stadium to anyone and everyone this Sunday for an afternoon of games, tours and propaganda. There’ll be the standard array of carnival activities — bounce houses, a bean bag toss, face painting, a clown making balloon animals — as well as miniature sports challenges: a field goal kicking challenge, a free throw challenge, a pitching challenge and a penalty kicking challenge with the Galaxy Street Team. For the digitally inclined, there will be video games in the locker room. PR-wise, there will be tours of what is, after all, a National Historic Landmark, as well as a video on the Jumbotron explaining the wonderful improvements that renovation will bring. Mayor Bogaard will host a raffle. Probably, it will be a lot of fun, despite what is sure to be an enormous turnout. Events of this magnitude are so rarely free, after all. You can register in advance here, though it’s not required.

Rose Bowl Stadium Games
Sunday, May 16, 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m.
The Rose Bowl
Rose Bowl Dr., Gate A, Pasadena
Free!; 626.577.3100



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