Taking the Initiative with the League of Women Voters

Oct 31, 2011

Among the many potentially preposterous things about democracy, as practiced in the great state of California, is the initiative process, whereby any sufficiently large group of crackpots, or, more insidiously, well-funded special interest types, can get anything they damn well please on the ballot. The League of Women Voters Pasadena Area are hosting a forum this Thursday to discuss. Joining them will be Joe Mathews, co-author of California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It. He’ll be talking some about his work, and then will participate in a “robust” question and answer session. We don’t doubt it.

Growing Democracy with the League of Women Voters
Thursday, November 3rd, 10:30 a.m.
Women’s City Club
160 N. Oakland Ave., Pasadena
Free, or $20 for lunch (reservation required)



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