Surrogate Mothers, Outsourcing, Laughter

Nov 8, 2010
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Amy Feinberg / Alok Tewari and Annie Meisels in the Hypothetical Theatre Production

KPCC has a lot of good (in person, non-radio) programming, which we don’t mention as often as probably we should. In the name of guilt, then, we recommend this Sunday’s live staged reading of There or Here, a play by Jennifer Maisel in which a couple, as the title of this post oh so subtly suggests, outsource their pregnancy to a surrogate mother in India. Outsourcing, it probably needn’t be said, is a comic premise, which Maisel’s play treats with some gentle hyperbole: customer service, even phone sex, sure, but pregnancy and drive-thru* dining? Sounds like pure dramedy! Co-sponsored by Pacific Stages.

There or Here, by Jennifer Maisel
Sunday, November 14, 2:30 p.m.
The Crawford Family Forum
474 South Raymond Ave., Pasadena
Free! RSVP required:

*Totally unrelated digression: does anyone every spell the “thru” in “drive-thru” with the o, g, and h that are normally found in that word? If so, who and where? If not, why? If yes, then no.



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