Politicon 2017

Jul 25, 2017

Whether your right or left, conservative or liberal on July 29 and 30 at Politicon, the “unconventional political convention,” there are folks you won’t want to miss.

For President Trump fans, go listen to his new White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci while people with a definitive leftist bent will make a beeline to hear Rob Reiner.

It’s incredible, but here are some of the people who are willing to be under one roof—and for two whole days!

Ann Coulter, James Carville, Ana Kasparian, Bill Kristol, Ana Navarro, Paul Begala, Malcolm Nance, Jason Miller, and (wow) Roger Stone. Cenk Uygur (Young Turks), Tomi Lahren, and Chelsea Handler. Podcasters represent with Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor, Pod Save America, and Jon Lovett.


Anthony Scaramucci.

“Main street media” or MSM is represented by CNN’s Jake Tapper, Maeve Reston, and Chris Cilliza, along with MSNBC’s Joy Reid, Ari Melber, Steve Kornacki, Kasie Hunt, and Jacob Soboroff.

Politicians attending include Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and U.S. House Representatives Karen Bass (CA-37), Dana Rohrabacher (CA-48), Judy Chu (CA-27), and Ted Lieu (CA-33).


U.S. Representative Judy Chu.


For comic relief at the end of a full swathe of politics and passion, enjoy “comedy night” both Saturday and Sunday, 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Tickets range from $25 for students, military, and veterans (one day) to $300 for a weekend VIP pass, which includes access to VIP lounge, a “speed pass,” swag, and an invitation to VIP parties on Saturday and Sunday.

A weekend general admission pass is $80, while a single day general admission pass is $50.


Malcolm Nance: Executive Director of the Terror Asymmetrics Project on Strategy, Tactics and Radical Ideologies (TAPSTRI).


Jill Wine Banks, former Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor.


U.S. Representative Dana Rohrabacher.


A sampling of the panel options:
“Roger Stone Holds Court”
“Facts Still Matter” with Joy Reid
“Trump: Genius or Lunatic?”
“Anthony Scaramucci ‘Splains”
“The Obama Legacy” with Touré, Jen Psaki, and Michael Steele
“Art of the Campaign Strategy” with David Frum and James Carville
“Censorship on Campus” with Xeni Jardin and Ann Coulter
“CNN: State of the California Race” with Chris Cillizza and Xavier Becerra, AG of California

Find the full schedule here.


Katie Hopkins: Global columnist for the Mail Online and a special contributor for Fox News USA.



Politicon 2017
Saturday-Sunday, July 29-30
Pasadena Convention Ctr., 300 E. Green St., Pasadena 91101
Find ticket options at TicketWeb
For all details, please visit


William Kristol, Editor, The Weekly Standard.




Rob Reiner.






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