Mystery Lit: Holmes, Sherlock & the Consulting Detective

Jun 11, 2017

Hannah Whiteoak and Chairman Barnes; Heidi Marie Photography.

Ellen Dostal writing for Broadway Word calls it a “roguishly handsome production” and an “epic whodunit” with a cast that has “whip-smart abilities.

Where Wicked Lit uses the mausoleum to achieve a spooky effect, the train depot plays into the dark and foggy night intrigue of Victorian England. It’s a surprisingly versatile canvas on which to sculpt the play and as this is the first time theatre has been done here, you never know what to expect next; perfect for an evening of mystery and mayhem.¹

Jonathan Josephson, co-founder of Unbound Productions has spent three years developing Holmes, Sherlock, and The Consulting Detective, “a smash-up of ‘A Scandal in Bohemia,’ ‘The Adventure of the Copper Beeches,’ and ‘The Red-Headed League’ by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.” Dostal calls the script “clever” and says Josephson succeeds in “neatly inserting humor and a subtle hint of sensuality into the otherwise cerebral world of sleuthing.”

Several years ago, we experienced Unbound Production’s History Lit, set inside and around Fenyes Mansion. This site-specific audience-immersive theatrical experience we found surprisingly effective, intensifying our reactions and emotional responses. Attending Mystery Lit, Dostal seems to agree:

For the first scene I stood at a railing three feet away from one set of characters, quite by chance, and found that my investment in their predicament throughout the evening was significantly heightened because of it. The audience moves through multiple locations in a little under two hours led by four Scotland Yard Bobbies as guides.

Every detail has been taken into consideration and the resulting experience could well be the best theatre you’ll see this summer.


Richard Large; photo by Heidi Marie Photography.


Holmes, Sherlock, and The Consulting Detective 
Through Saturday, July 2nd at 8 p.m.
LA Arboretum, 159 S. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia 91007
Tickets: $40-$55; find dates and purchase here
For more info, visit or
Or call 1.323.332.2065


L-R: Paul Romero, Chairman Barnes, and Richard Large.


Eric Keitel and Jena Hunt; Heidi Marie Photography.


Paul Romero & Rob Bedall; Heidi Marie Photography.





¹ “BWW Review: Can You Solve the Mystery of HOLMES, SHERLOCK, AND THE CONSULTING DETECTIVE?” by Ellen Dostal,, June 8, 2017.




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