Molière’s The Bungler at ANW

Apr 3, 2012
Molière   Nicolas Mignard 1658 300x373 Molière’s The Bungler at ANW The Bungler satire Richard Wilbur Moliere a noise within  photo

Handsome devil, that Molière.

Molière was a misanthrope. Or is that one of his plays? Yes, it’s a play. Molière was a satirist, then, right? Right. Anyway, he certainly wasn’t a bungler. That’s also the title of one of his plays, or an English translation of it, said translation having been performed by Richard Wilbur, who is a fine, fine poet. The play is being put on by everyone’s favorite Southern California classical theater repertory company, A Noise Within, in their spacious new Pasadena digs. The first show is this Saturday (though previous started last Friday); the production runs through May. And we suppose you might like to know what The Bungler is about, eh? Well, it’s a comedy. Furthermore, it’s “a non-stop cavalcade of wily servants, dim-witted young lovers and avaricious old men on a bumbling, tumbling, tackling, wild and woolly ride.” It’s also in verse, which makes everything better and funnier. All the great comedians do their routines in verse. Chris Rock, for example, speaks in trochaic hexameter. True story.

Molière’s The Bungler
Presented by A Noise Within
Saturday, April 7 – Sunday, May 27
3352 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena



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