Le Bon Garçon at The Market on Holly

Jan 17, 2013

The Producer Series is back.

Not producers as in film production, organic wine producers or Mel Brooks’ The Producers, but Artisanal LA and The Market on Holly’s “Producer Series.” This collaboration between Shawna Dawson’s organization and a Pasadena business invites local producers to come and show off their products—and allows for the public to taste for themselves.

This Saturday, Justin Chao of Le Bon Garçon will be available for a meet, greet, and taste.

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Le Bon Garçon is a confectionery, a caramel company to be specific, and was featured in Oprah Magazine’s “Favorite Things” issue and in the L.A. Times Food Section.

Justin’s passion for food started as a child, watching his Chinese-American mother in the kitchen preparing dinner. Justin grew up in Westlake Village, California, where there were no Chinese grocery stores. Out of necessity, Justin’s mother created dishes from ingredients that were available to her. His mother’s inventive style of cooking combined traditional Chinese food with American comfort food and gave Justin the creative instincts that make him a successful patissier.
Justin studied architecture at the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design which provided him with the design skills and the attention to detail needed to be a successful pastry chef. Always feeling more at home in front of the oven than the drafting table, Justin found himself drawn to a career in the culinary arts. Justin took pastry classes for fun, and studied abroad in Paris. Inspired by the culinary work of Parisian greats such as Pierre Hermé and Gerard Mulot, Justin decided to take the leap as a pastry chef.
Justin says that he “started cooking because I could make people happy instantly.” After working downtown at the Water Grill, Justin opened Le Bon Garçon in 2010. He is also currently working on a Master of Science degree at Cal State Northridge in Food Science.

The Producer Series
Saturday, Jan. 19th, noon-2 p.m.
The Market on Holly, 57 E. Holly St., Pasadena 91101
RSVP encouraged, but not required

Editor’s Note: Mentioning The Producer’s led us to Google the movie, and YouTube delivered a hoot. If satire and irreverence is your cuppa, here’s a number from Mel’s cult classic…



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