Ian Whitcomb at Vroman’s

Jan 27, 2010

letters from lotusland1 175x266 Ian Whitcomb at Vromans Tin Pan Alley Ian Whitcomb huntington library book signing Altadena writer Altadena musician  photoIan Whitcomb, Altadena’s ukelele/accordion stylist, Tin Pan Alley expert and songwriter extraordinaire, has kept a daily journal of his adventures in Los Angeles since 1972. A born raconteur, with a well-educated Englishman’s command of the mother tongue and a biting wit, Whitcomb sees all, tells all, and makes it incredibly, wryly funny. The Huntington Library has the originals in its Rare Manuscripts collection; now mere mortals can get a taste of his charming take on life, both in the general lunacy of L.A. (Christopher Isherwood to Van Dyke Parks!) and out in the ‘burbs (Altadena!) in Letters from Lotusland: An Englishman n Exile. It’s a collection of his monthly writings from 1996 on, which flow back and forth through time. “I suppose the self-absorption is similar to Proust,” Whitcomb says. “But I find him unreadable.”

Fox-trot on down to Vroman’s on Tuesday, when Whitcomb will sign — and sing — whilst regaling the crowd with titillating tales from Tinseltown and beyond. Once you get hold of the book, set aside some time with a cup of tea or a very dry martini — you won’t want to leave his charming, cynical company till you absolutely have to.

Ian Whitcomb Signs & Sings
Tuesday, February 2, 7 p.m.
Vroman’s Bookstore
695 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena