From Australia to Pasadena and Back Again: An Architecture Lecture

Mar 6, 2011

An Australian carpenter.

Did you know the first frame house ever built in California was constructed of Tasmanian wood? True story. Lots of Aussies made their way to California during the gold rush years, and brought their architecture with them. Lots of them went back, and with more (or less) than gold: nuggets of Californian culture. Erika Esau has written a book about this cultural exchange, Images of the Pacific Rim: Australia and California, 1850-1935. She’ll be presenting her research this Saturday, in the third Sidney D. Gamble Lecture of the season.

The Transcontinental Bungalow
Saturday, March 12, 4 p.m.
Ahmanson Auditorium, Art Center College of Design
1700 Lida St., Pasadena
$12;; 626.799.3334 ext. 52

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