Francophilia at Boston Court with Sandra Tsing Loh and Mark Robson

May 15, 2011

It is hard to know precisely of what this event will consist. There will be music, we’ll wager—it’s called “Pianologues”—and probably some humorous rhetoric concerning the French and their foibles, and, it seems, an extended discussion of Babar, the industrious elephant king. Aside from biographical information, the entire description is as follows:

An Evening of Precisely-Honed if Shamelessly Impressionistic Francophilia with Pianist Mark Robson and Writer Sandra Tsing Loh.

To fully plumb the humorous mysteries of the tale of Babar the Elephant—as scored by Francis Poulenc—we realize we must deconstruct everything that is French, or that we THINK is French. Come ready to laugh, to cry, to dream! Zut alors! Quel fromage!  FIN!

Sandra Tsing Loh Headshot Francophilia at Boston Court with Sandra Tsing Loh and Mark Robson  photoThe French, of course, are a notoriously comic premise, and they’ve made some beautiful music, and who doesn’t have fond memories of Babar (besides, perhaps, those jungle elephants to whom he brought the gift of civilization), and why shouldn’t Babar be a lens through which to celebrate all that is hilarious of Gaul? If that is indeed what is happening, which it might not be. Anyway, Sandra Tsing Loh is funny, and Mark Robson can play the piano, so if nothing else there will be funny words and good piano playing, and that’s not too shabby for a Saturday night.

Saturday, May 21st, 8 p.m.
Boston Court Performing Arts Center
70 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena
$25;; 626.683.6883