Eleven Years of Lebowski

Dec 4, 2012

His name is Bill Green and he’s a new resident of Pasadena. Welcome, Bill!

His website Bill Green Studios tells us that he was raised in Louisville, Kentucky, has never broken a bone in his body, does have a fear of heights and has appeared on The Price Is Right. His business is Bill Green Design & Illustration and he creates everything from logos, branding, web sites, and clothing to “cleared art for film & TV.”

He’s also been creating Lebowski Fest posters for over ten years.

Lebowski Fest is “a celebration of all things related to The Big Lebowski, featuring: unlimited bowling, costume and trivia contests, White Russians and Oat Sodas, massive movie screenings, and What-Have-You.”

The Fest’s website is a riot and if you visit today, you’ll see  “Happy Birthday” wishes to Jeff Bridges.

You can see every single poster created by Bill Green for Lebowski Fests from Louisville and Minneapolis to Las Vegas, Orlando, NYC (and in 2007, the UK) starting on Friday, December 7th, beginning at 5 p.m., and for the subsequent 30 hours.

On exhibit will be 40+ posters and prints. The opening reception will have “special guests” and bluegrass by The Hellgrammites, as well as “feature cocktail service with a Dude-like Flair.” (We have no idea what that means, but let us know if you find out.)

Green invites you to “Grab a White Russian and take home an autographed print for as little as $20.” See a sampling of his work below The Big Lebowski movie poster.

Across the Sands of Time: Lebowski Fest Posters
Friday, Dec. 7th at 5 p.m. through Saturday, Dec. 8th at 11 p.m.
Location: Darring Studios, York Ave. just east of Eagle Rock Blvd., near N. Ave. 45
Plenty of parking. Suggested donation: $5
For more info and directions, visit Green’s FB page

Official movie poster

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  1. Jason McElweenie says:

    Bill’s a good man and thurrah



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