Buff & Hensman – The Art of Modernism

Mar 24, 2010

Classic Buff & Hensman

Pasadena Heritage is at it again, this time with a day of tours of six homes designed by the firm of renowned architects Conrad Buff and Donald Hensman, the midcentury masters of California modernism. Along with firm principals Cal Straub and Dennis Smith, Buff and Hensman are responsible for many of the Pasadena area’s most exceptional modern homes, including the 1954 John Norton House, the 1957 Alvaro Bea House, the 1959 Thompson/Moseley House, the 1999 Moseley House, the Rabinovitz House, and the 1983 Dunn House. That last one sound familiar, somehow? That’s because it belongs to the aunt and uncle of our esteemed editor, Colleen Dunn Bates. Dennis Smith, the principal architect of the house, will be there to answer questions.

Tours are shoe-less and docent-led. Those of you with a short fuse on your bladder, be warned: there will be no restroom access. And no handicap access. And no interior photography. Smiling? Maybe.

Buff & Hensman – The Art of Modernism: A Drive-yourself House Tour
Sunday, March 28, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Advance tickets $36, day-of $40
626.441.6333 or



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