Boston Court World Premieres Adapation of Gogol’s “The Government Inspector”

Aug 5, 2012
Gogol published The Government Inspector in 1836, and then again in 1842. It’s about a poor clerk whom the corrupt officials of a small town in Tsarist Russia mistake for the titular official. Hijinks ensue. As with most classic satires, the people in it are generally no good at all. Boston Court is partnering with Pasadena’s Furious Theatre Company to put on a brand new adaptation of the Gogol play, by Oded Gross. Oded wrote the songs, too. Songs? Yes, songs–Mr. Gross, we are told, has been influenced by Monty Python and Brazil, and has re-envisioned The Government Inspector as tragic farce. It would take a more learned man than yours truly to provide a satisfactory explanation of the difference between satire and farce. You should probably just Gogol it.

The Government Inspector
Presented by The Theatre @ Boston Court and Furious Theatre Company
Previews July 19 – 27
Theatrical Run July 28 – August 26
Thurs. – Sat. at 8 p.m., Sun at 2 p.m.
Boston Court
70 N. Mentor Ave., Pasadena
$34;; 626.683.6883



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