A SPECTRAL Happening at the Folly Bowl

Aug 30, 2010

What do you get when you mix live video, poetry, harp, trombone, and various electronics? If you guessed “a Darren Aronofsky remake of The Music Man,” you would be wrong, though inventive. No, you get a Labor Day Weekend performance at the Folly Bowl, an outdoor amphitheater in the yard of a private Altadena home. Collaborators Carole Kim and Jesse Gilbert will be… screening? their new audio/visual work, SPECTRAL, in conjunction with performances by several performing artists, working in diverse mediums. On Saturday, it’s Eve Luckring (poetry and short videos), Anne Le Baron (harp), and Michael Dessen (trombone, electronics). On Sunday, it’s Luckring again, as well as Motoko Honda (electronics) and Carmina Escobar (trombone, electronics); who knew there were two trombone/electronics specialists out there? Bring your own food, drink, and cushioning—just be sure to leave with it, too. Longer artists bios can be found over at altadenablog.

Labor Day Weekend at the Folly Bowl
Sat. – Sun., September 4 – 5, 7:30 p.m.
Folly Bowl, 1601 E. Loma Alta Dr., Altadena
$10; $5 kids; more info at



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