The Second Coming of Euro Pane

Apr 23, 2010

After months of rumors and changing plans, Pasadena’s goddess baker Sumi Chang has quietly opened a new, larger offshoot of her Euro Pane Bakery & Café in the new building right across Colorado from the Paseo. It’s not officially open until May 1, but you can stop by now for a coffee, a pastry and/or a loaf of bread; the breakfast and lunch dishes (yes, including that incredible egg salad) will start appearing in the coming days.

The heart of the space is a spectacular communal table made from a single slab of pecan wood; there are also plenty of smaller tables both inside and on the side patio. The high-ceilinged, light-filled space is a vast improvement over the original location (which is remaining open), however the parking seems trickier, although there’s supposed to be validated parking for customers in the building.

The vast glass case is already stocked with the famed croissants, pains chocolats and sourdough boules; the offerings are also expanding to include more whole-grain breads, croissants and pizzas.

Don’t bother looking for opening news on Euro Pane’s website, because they don’t have one. Chang is so cool that she doesn’t need a site or a Twitter feed or even Facebook to keep her business thriving.

We’ll report back when the kitchen is in full swing.

Euro Pane Bakery & Café
345 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena (across from Paseo Colorado)

9 Responses for “The Second Coming of Euro Pane”

  1. I’m in a wait & see mode on the architectural design of EP2. And, I’m curious how 300 E. Colorado become the address of EP2. CDB, you’re not the first to refer to it as 300.. As far as I know, including the owner, it’s 345, unit# 101.

    EP is about the only eatery of quality I know of which has zero internet presence. No need for the time & expense, I suppose, if high quality & being on The Food Network are doing her marketing.

    Having Euro Pane may become a key to the revival of the Paseo shopping district.

  2. Brigham Yen says:

    I agree that Euro Pane will help toward reviving and providing a new direction for a very lost Paseo Colorado.

    I also think ArcLight will help toward that cause too.

    Paseo needs to figure out who their target customer is and go with it.

  3. Caroline Purvis says:

    Just called and they are ready to go for lunch, with a whole menu of sandwiches, both old and new!

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  5. […] What’s your perfect Pasadena day? I love waking up early on a Saturday to the nudges of my son, Leon, who usually wants to snuggle in bed and have me read one more chapter of Harry Potter — we’ve just started Book 6. Then I might meet my friend Michelle Huneven for a morning walk with her dog Piper, either up Chaney Trail or along the Arroyo if it’s too hot. Michelle usually brings tea and fruit and sometimes little sandwiches, which we eat midway through the hike, looking out across the L.A. basin while we talk about writing and marriage. By the time I get back, Jonathan’s often taken Leon to the farmers’ market at Pasadena High, and my daughter, Isabel, will be getting in some last-minute cello practice before her weekly lesson. This not only gives me time alone to read or do some editing, it gives me an excellent Saturday-morning soundtrack. Lunch is typically a review meal with the kids, but we also like staying in Pasadena and treating Izzy and Leon to Pie ‘n’ Burger or else getting my favorite egg salad sandwich at Euro Pane. […]

  6. KingSlav says:

    Another shop with difficult parking? Major problem. I guess I’ll be sticking with the original location.

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  9. je ne suis pas impressionee says:

    Gave it a chance after giving up on the Euro Pane closer to Caltech, which never could get our orders completely correct: ask for one kind of bread, get another; ask them to leave off the mayonnaise, get a sandwich slathered in mayonnaise; request no tomatoes, get tomatoes. And that’s after we’ve resigned ourselves to the flies and no table-bussing. We gave it three chances.

    I was delighted to discover a newer, brighter, cleaner Euro Pane close to the post office across from Paseo Colorado after running an errand today around 1:30. I really wanted to give it a try, have them do right by me. The baked goods looked out of this world. Beautiful breads. People in line were clearly glad to be there.

    I requested a half-sandwich BLTA to go, and was told “okay!” by the order taker. I order half sandwiches because I don’t need that much food, and I don’t want to pay for something I don’t need. And leftover sandwiches tend to get soggy and funky. To Euro Pane’s credit, their full sandwiches are beyond generously apportioned! And I knew that, and only wanted a half-sandwich, thank you very much.

    When I got to the register, and was told my bill total, I blanched. I told the cashier that I only ordered a half-sandwich. Her “yeah, and. . .?” style delivery of “we don’t make BLTAs in half sandwiches, sorry” pissed me off. I asked her “why was I told ‘okay’ when I ordered it, then?” No answer, just reiteration of “we don’t offer it, sorry,” with a side glance and a shoulder shrug thrown in for the total BFD effect. No compensation, no “can I give you a cookie? Sorry that happened” kind of gesture whatsoever. Fourth time at Euro Pane is definitely not charmed any more than their third chance was.

    Having worked in customer service myself for years, the right thing to do would have been to say something along the lines of, “I’m sorry, it’s not available as a half-sandwich. Do you know who took your order? I’ll charge you for the half-sandwich–I’m sorry that happened, s/he should have let you know.” I’ve learned my lesson, and I won’t be back, much as I’d love to share their beautiful-looking goods with others. Forget it!



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