Jan 12, 2015

1920px-Reblochon_06Savoie is a French department in the Rhône-Alps region of the French Alps. The region is in the southeast of France, near the Swiss-Italian border.

Beginning in 1416, Savoie was a duchy ruled by the House of Savoy and considered a “vassal of the Holy Roman Empire.” Then the became a part of the kingdom of Sardinia in 1814, before being ceded in 1860 at a “solemn possession-taking (which) took place at the Castle of Chambery. Savoy (or Savoie) was the last province to become French.

Saveur magazine calls the cuisine from this area “honest, robust fare” and “French mountain cooking.”


Castle Chambéry

Castle Chambéry


Savoie also the menu-of-the-month at Claud Beltran’s The Eatery.

We’ve pictured (above, right) a piece of Roblechon cheese, which is on the menu. Just looking at the cheese’s ripeness and ultimate gooey factor has us reaching for the phone to make a reservation—doesn’t it look delectable? Anyone got a fresh baguette handy?

Claud aims to melt Roblechon over roasted carrots as part of his stewed beef top round on a “tartiflette” of sautéed potatoes and bacon (with the melted Roblechon roasted carrots). The word tartiflette is interchangeable with reblochonnade, “an ancient specialty” and “a sturdy cousin of the classic gratin savoyard” (Saveur).

Other entrée items include smoked pork pot au feu, pan-seared arctic char, and braised duck legs. These are accompanied by roasted endives, walnut sauce, and sautéed baby onions.

Starters include cream of turnips with caraway seeds and sautéed pears, kohlrabi dill salad, stuffed cabbage rolls, la raclette, and a “matafan” of fresh fine herbs, melted fresh chevre, herb salad. (Matafan we could not find, but we came up with matefaim, which is thick pancake popular in the Alpine region of France.)

The Eatery’s a small, intimate place on the corner of Allen Avenue and San Pasqual Street. Claud has a catering company and opened The Eatery some years ago almost for the fun of it. “Because I’m crazy,” is what he actually told us.

Since the world of catering is also a life of planning menus, Claud thought, Why not share this with the public? So come and experience The Eatery’s monthly test menu. It’s not just an evening out for dinner—Claud’s too ebullient for that—it’s an event.


Chef Claud Beltran

Chef Claud Beltran


The Eatery, 488 N. Allen Ave., Pasadena 91106. Open Tuesday-Thursday, 5-10 p.m. Cost: starters, $6-$12; entrées, $24-$27. For reservations, call 626.688.7256.

Wine may be enjoyed by the glass or bottle and several bottled beers are available.




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Photo, top right, Reblochon cheese by Coyau / Wikimedia Commons, via Wikimedia Commons



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