Old Town Food Tours

Jul 30, 2009
Mignon Chocolates is one of the stops on the tour.

Mignon Chocolates is one of the stops on the tour.

Pasadena’s status as a destination for food lovers is now official: Old Pasadena is the site of Melting Pot’s newest walking tour for food lovers (its original being the successful tour of L.A.’s Farmers Market). Native sisters Lisa and Diane Scalia are taking to the Old Town streets, especially the lesser-traveled ones off Colorado, entertaining and educating strollers with history, architecture and, of course, lots of tastes. Along the way you will find a Mexican tortas cafe, an elegant chocolate shop, a tea bar, an Indian restaurant, an Italian gelateria and even an unusual Tibetan restaurant (well, we admit we all know that one). The three-hour tour costs $49; it includes plenty of food, but no alcohol, although at the end walkers receive a coupon good for a discount at an Old Town wine bar.

Old Pasadena Food Tasting Tour
Every Sat. & Sun. from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Reservations required:



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