New Organic Produce Delivery Hits Town

Sep 28, 2009
A box o' produce from Abundant Harvest

A box o' produce from Abundant Harvest

No time to shop the farmers’ markets? Can’t pay Whole Foods prices? Then check out the remarkably affordable organic-produce service that’s recently added our region to its delivery route. Abundant Harvest Organics is now delivering weekly to two local spots: Fuller Seminary in Pasadena and Sunland Park in Sunland, both on Saturday mornings.

Here’s how it works: You choose whether you want the large box (about $34 a week) or small box (about $20). The former is based on the needs of a typical family of four, although families who are on the go a lot might be fine with the smaller box. Each week Kingsburg-based Abundant gets deliveries from its small, organic supplier farms, and you get an assortment of whatever’s fresh and in season. You can also get a variety of add-ons, including pastured beef, free-range chicken, organic eggs, raw milk,  grains, potatoes, butter and more.

All produce is certified organic, and other foodstuffs are all from small California farmers, produced as naturally and organically as possible. Plus with each delivery you get a wonderfully goofy newsletter complete with recipes, profiles of the farmers, and descriptions of the produce that’s in season. Right now, for instance, the boxes have such things as early-season Jonagold apples, Peterson Family October plums, Silveira tomatoes, John Tobias shallots, Sunnyside green beans, and JND Farms’ squash, eggplant and peppers.

To find out more or sign up, go to

6 Responses for “New Organic Produce Delivery Hits Town”

  1. Kate F says:

    South Central Farmers does the same in multiple locations in Pasadena and surrounding areas for $15-40 for a large box – you decide how much you choose to pay. We love it! GREAT food and lots of fun learning new things.

  2. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    Great tip! I guess I need to do a bigger story on options for quality produce….

  3. Caroline says:

    We’ve been using this service all summer and the quality has been excellent. I’m SURE I was spending more than $20 a week on non-organic produce – the small box has been fine for our family of 4.

  4. Mel Malmberg says:

    I am trying a service that I found at a tent at Sunset Junction, it’s called farm fresh to you, — $23 for the small box but delivered to your door, which is convenient but problematic (ie the time can vary wildly and cardboard box might sit out all day). The small box is straightforward produce but most seems to come direct from the farm (which was pitched to me as central cal but has a po box in anaheim). It is not enough for my family of four but we eat a lot of fruit and veggies. the first two boxes were good but the most recent had bruised fruit and veg which they said I would get a credit for. ANY organic produce is great because it usually lasts a long time…I am mixed about this service — much like my box of fruit and veggies — and I consider this a two-month trial before I really commit to them and/or a bigger box. And their quirky/lyrical insert includes recipes.

  5. Craig says:

    My partner and I have been getting the small box for the last several months and love it! The quality is so far and above and beyond anything available in the produce aisle at most stores and the box contents have become the focal point of what and how we cook during the week (I’m now well versed in cooking kale, imagine that!). Abundant Harvest also has a delivery site in Lincoln Heights at the Brewery for folks who live a little farther south along the Arroyo.

  6. Janet says:

    Something we enjoy about Abundant Harvest is the weekly pickup…we get to see friends more often who are also subscribers (since everyone picks up during a specific hour). On days we can’t pickup we ask a friend to get it & we do the same for them.

    The variety of produce is great!



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