Great Harvest Bread Co.

Feb 5, 2010

Just when you think South Pasadena couldn’t possibly support another bakery, along comes Great Harvest to prove you wrong. A franchise operation opened by a local couple, the bakery is a little too franchise-perky, but what they do, they do well. The heart of the operation are the breads, notably the honey whole wheat and the excellent Dakota, which is basically the honey whole wheat topped with seeds and crunchy things. The cinnamon chip bread is another winner, studded with swirls of cinnamon and not too sweet. Less impressive are the scones — the blueberry cream cheese is overwhelmed with too much cream cheese. Coffee’s from Peet’s, and there are a half-dozen tables to sit with your tuna salad on honey wheat sandwich.

As for which bakery is best for what in this bakery-blessed neighborhood: Heirloom for breakfast, atmosphere, lunch salads, cookies and desserts; My Sweet Cupcake for, you guessed it; and this newcomer for fresh loaves of whole-grain bread to take home.

1019 Mission St., South Pasadena, 626.441.4786, Daily from 7 a.m.

3 Responses for “Great Harvest Bread Co.”

  1. Sara says:

    Wow Colleen….you sound so enthused about this bakery! (insert sarcasm) I suppose eating a healthy sandwich every once in a while isn’t in your diet.

    Bitter…party of one, your table is ready 🙂

  2. Colleen Dunn Bates says:

    Not sure I understand, Sara…. I recommended the healthy breads and quite liked them. No bitterness on my part, and I am, in fact, quite a healthy eater.

  3. Daanyel says:

    While I can’t comment on the whole Sara/Colleen squabble, I most certainly can give my two cents on the bread in question. It is delicious and nutritious; in other words, nutritiously delicious or deliciously nutritious. The bread is also quite versatile. For instance, you can enjoy a slice or two (or three) for breakfast, perhaps with some jam and butter. And then for lunch you can create a sandwich with the bread as the exterior top and bottom layers. You should not use the bread as a negotiation tool in the Mideast Peace Process. Other than that, you’re good.



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