Barleywines & Imperial Stouts: Amp It Up

Apr 22, 2012

A “normal” beer? Ah, go on. It’s only got a measly li’l 4-5% alcohol content. If you want to drink with the big boys and girls, mosey on over to Lucky Baldwins Pub sometime this week and partake in their “High Alcohol Festival.”

Manager Penny Wilhelm is talking hoppy, sweet, and strong Barleywines, Belgians, and Imperial IPAs and Stouts that range from 9-12% in alcohol content. Try Sierra Nevada Big Foot and Gulden Draak Dark Triple (10.5%); Kasteel Bruin (11%); and Scaldis Belgian Amber Ale (12%).

If the probability of imbibing a higher alcohol beer guarantees you’ll be finding yourself under the table a wee bit too soon (lightweight!), then you can opt to enjoy a variety of less potent choices.

Craftsman Brewing Company of California is well represented here with the creamy and light Poppy Fields; the popular and flavorful 1903 Lager; and the Heavenly Hefe that’s sweet wheat-y-ness explodes off the tongue (thank you, Vicki Laidig, for that description) and smells of bananas (thanks to Peggy Sue Davis). Last but not in the least, you can try Craftsman’s new Juniper, which tastes a little fizzy, a bit herby like lavender, carries a perfume, and has a bit of a botanical aftertaste (dankje to both women for that in depth analysis).

Whatever your druthers, pull up to the bar inside or to a table out on the patio  because with 63 beers on tap and 200 different types of bottled beer, if you are a liking your hops, you got a lot of tasting ta do.

Lucky Baldwin’s
17 S. Raymond Avenue



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