Affordable Sushi: Not an Oxymoron

Apr 27, 2009

Here at Hometown Pasadena, we’re dealing with the same constricted wallets as everyone else, so we’re going to be posting weekly reports on under-the-radar restaurants that offer a lot of bang for not much buck. And there’s no better place to start than sushi. Mel Malmberg has this discovery:

yukiyamaYuki Yama Sushi

Let’s face it — sushi is becoming one of those splurges that come along all too infrequently these days. You either break the bank, eat sparingly, or say to hell with it and go out for tacos. Normally I’d chose high-quality fish over huge portions, but now I’ve found Yuki Yama Sushi, which serves generous amounts of great fish for a reasonable price.

Its menu is inventive: three dozen or more rolls with silly names, plus classic sushi, sashimi and specials, as well as great salads, tempura and noodles.  When I first discovered the place — it’s on Foothill in La Canada, practically in La Crescenta, in a spot that’s held at least three Japanese restaurants — the owner confessed a little ruefully that he named it Yuki Yama (“Snow Mountain”) because a real estate broker had told him the mountains just outside the door got snow. While the realtor may have been stretching the truth a bit (hard to believe, I know), this is nonetheless a good, spic-and-span sushi joint in a neighborhood that needs it, at prices that warrant the drive if you live down the hill a ways. Take a friend, order an enormous salad each (salmon skin $6.95, spicy tuna $10.95)  and split a roll ($7.95 to $10.95), and you’ll be out the door for $16 each, including tip. Lunch specials are $8.95, and there’s an all-you-can-eat sushi fest for $21.95 at lunch and $25.95 at dinner (the latter looks to be a bargain). Premium sakes and beer, too.  

2236 Foothill Blvd., La Canada, 818.957.1122  Japanese. L & D daily. Beer & wine. AE, MC, V. $$



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