99 Ranch Market

May 10, 2010

99 ranch market 300x180 99 Ranch Market San Gabriel Chinese Market arcadia 99 Ranch  photoThe Gelsons of Asian supermarkets, except instead of having 60 kinds of breakfast cereal, it has 60 kinds of fish sauce. An absolute must-visit, with a dazzling array of Asian produce, sauces, noodles, kitchenware and ingredients, as well as terrific (and terrifically cheap) live seafood. It also stocks most of the American basics (milk, Cheerios, peanut butter), but seemingly no bread. More branches in Monterey Park, Rowland Heights and beyond.

140 W. Valley Blvd., San Gabriel, 626.307.8899,, Chinese Market. Daily. AE, MC, V.

1300 S. Golden West Ave., Arcadia, 626.445.7899,, Chinese Market. Daily. AE, MC, V.



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