Where’s that noise coming from?

Nov 4, 2012
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  1. Sounds the Hard Haunted Mansion, an outdoor rave being held tonight on four stages across he Cornfields State Park near Chinatown, is being heard  from Echo Park and Angeleno Heights to El Sereno and Lincoln Heights.  Many people are not happy about it, judging by comments on Twitter:
  2. dodgerneighbor
    We can hear the #cornfield rave party over here in #echopark – the sound system is shaking our house on the other side of the stadium
  3. BREAK_urban
    house rattling in #angelinoheights- why? #cornfield rave party in Chinatown – 2 miles away! #turnitdown #echopark #obnoxious
  4. abacor
    Tonight’s NOISE HELL NEEDS TO BE DIRECTLY CALLED IN TO @CHPsouthern State Park Div. 323-982-4900 #Hardfest blows. #EchoPark #EastLA

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