Tournament of Roses kicks Eagle Rock and Highland Park out of Royal Court competition

Sep 20, 2012

Photo by Prayitno/Flickr

Last year Franklin High student Sarah Zuno became the first Rose Parade Princess to come from Highland Park. She may also be the last, according to  The Pasadena Star-News.  The newspaper reports that the Pasadena Tournament of Roses has ended a three-year experiment allowing students from Eagle Rock High in Eagle Rock and Franklin High in Highland Park to become eligible to serve in Tournament of Roses Royal Court. The reason, say tournament officials, is that other nearby schools and communities asked that they also be included in the expanded boundaries. But the volunteer organization said it lacked the resources to enlarge the pool of potential princesses.

So, the tournament this year reverted to a previous rule that limited Royal Court candidates to attend schools within the boundaries of the Pasadena Community College District. Zuno, who was also the first L.A. Unified student to serve in the Royal Court, told the Star-News

“In a sense, I’m very disheartened,” Zuno said Monday, while welcoming competitors at the Tournament House. “I feel like I was an ambassador for the Highland Park area.”

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