Storefront Report: Horchata latte? Coffee with a Latin twist coming to Echo Park

Aug 30, 2012

Photo courtesy Christina Byun

What do you get when you combine horchata–the sweet, rice-based drink popular in Mexico, and a shot of espresso? Echo Park will soon find out when Taza of Echo Park opens in October. The take-out cafe will be shoe-horned into a tiny cube of a storefront on Sunset Boulevard, next to Herb’s Lock & Key, said co-owner Christina Byun of Highland Park. The space, which is not much larger than a living room, is small but it has required a lot of work and time to get ready to meet city building and health department standards. “My partner and I started this project over a year and a 1/2 ago,” Byun said via email. “We faced many obstacles with converting the space to a food/beverage establishment and can’t believe that we are only a few months away from opening our dream business.”

There are no shortage of coffee houses in Echo Park these days. In fact,  in addition to Taza, some former employees of Intelligentsia coffee are said to be looking to open “a high-concept coffee bar” in Echo Park.

How will Taza set itself apart?  Taza will sell coffee and espresso drinks and food with what Nguyen describes as a “Latin twist,” including horchata latte and espresso and guava cheese pastries. “We are both native Angelinos and it was important to us to be a part of a community that represents Los Angeles, this is why we were so committed to opening in Echo Park,” Byun said.

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