Soccer and birthday parties take over Silver Lake Meadow

May 18, 2013

Silver Lake Meadow turned soccer field./ Photo by Concerned Meadow-Goer

A visitor to the Silver Lake Meadow  today found the grassy field next to the Silver Lake reservoirs feeling a bit cramped  as several families had  claimed a large part of the open space for a combination of birthday parties and soccer matches.  The man, who describes himself as a “concerned meadow-goer, said:

So I guess the “no organized” sports/events [rule] doesn’t apply to massive birthday party’s. 6+ family’s took over a good chuck of the Meadow by creating a soccer field with cones and goals and large groups of kids.  These parties are getting out of hand at the Meadow

In fact,  one of the many things you are not supposed to do at the Silver Lake Meadow, which is supposed to be for “passive recreation,” includes soccer, softball and other forms of “active recreation.”

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