Silver Lake checks out its new grocery store

May 24, 2013

First day of business for in Silver Lake / Photos by Bich Ngoc Cao

Silver Lake has a new place to shop for groceries with the opening today of a store overlooking Polka Dot Plaza atĀ  Sunset Boulevard and Maltman Avenue. The focus of the small chain is on delivering orders in about 30 minutes but, according to one resident who lives nearby, the new store, with its tall ceiling and exposed wooden beams, looks like a pretty pleasant place to shop in person. “The store looks great! I am excited to buy my dinner supplies there later.”

While the Silver Lake Yummy is far smaller than a typical supermarket, will the promise of 30-minute delivery siphon away customersĀ  from the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s and create some extra spaces in that crowded parking lot?

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