Silver Lake and Los Feliz schools turn soccer match into a fundraiser

Jan 27, 2013

Photos by Michael Sandoval

The second annual Los Silver Lake Soccer Tournament on Saturday proved to be a cliff hanger, with the teams representing Franklin Avenue Elementary of Los Feliz and Silver Lake’s Ivanhoe Elementary tied at the 90-minute mark. After a double overtime, Franklin emerged victorious 3 to 1.  Despite Saturday’s score, both schools will end up winners since the parents’ association from both campuses will divide event proceeds equally, said. Stephanie Wolf-Hicks with the Friends of Ivanhoe. Click on the link for Wolf-Hicks summary of the game and fundraiser.

The game was a nail-biter, at the half, Ivanhoe Dragons were up1:0 from an early penalty kick in the box by Julian Farino. The Foxes equalized in 60th minute with a cross by Bobby Tannen that curled into left top corner of the net. At the 90th minute, the game was still tied. It went into double-overtime and Ivanhoe lost on penalty  kicks 3:1.
The event was a hit for all ages, neighbors and attendees alike enjoyed the King Kone & In N Out trucks and Whole Foods Glendale sponsored drinks. Kids had a dance party & soccer volleyball game at the half, and schools were selling swag, raffling off Tomato Pie and LA Galaxy prizes and after the game, soccer “rivals” toasted and broke bread at a well-attended fundraising after-party at Hyperion Public.  All event proceeds are split 50/50  by the friendly LAUSD rival parents’ associations, Friends of Franklin and Friends of Ivanhoe.

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