Record Store Day leaves Eastside music lovers spinning with anticipation

Apr 21, 2012

Photo by Carlos Ubeda/Flickr

Saturday morning will find many record fans descending  on their favorite independent music stores to pick  up new vinyl and CD releases timed to take advantage of Record Store Day.  The Eastside has emerged as a vinyl record shopping zone, with shops from Echo Park and Silver Lake to Eagle Rock and Highland Park  planning to sell limited edition records and stage special events on Saturday.  How popular is Record Store Day?  Echo Park’s Origami Vinyl Record  is opening four hours early and will try to prevent its sliver of a storefront from getting too crowding by letting  in shoppers in 10 at a time “to ensure a pleasurable experience.”

The Eastsider will be out there on Record Store Day trying to squeeze into the shops to please indie-music loving nephews who live in an apparently vinyl-poor part of Southern California. The shopping list includes records from The Flaming Kips, LCD Soundsystem and Destroyer. Wish me luck.

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