Police searching for suspected car thief in Mt. Washington*

Apr 13, 2013

Police block off streets near Cleland and Cynthia./Jessica Craven

LAPD helicopter circling over Mt. Washington homes. Photo by John Nadeau

Police have blocked off Cleland Avenue in Mt. Washington this afternoon as they search for a suspected car thief. An officer at the Northeast Division could not provide any further details but residents report that Cleland has been blocked off near Cleland Avenue Bicentennial Park and that a police helicopter has been hovering over head since about 11 a.m. “Cleland is closed starting at the park,” said one resident via email. “I’ve seen lots of police cars and trucks go by.”

*Update: Residents report the suspect has been apprehended. Jessica Craven said by email:

They just caught the suspect (naked, apparently) and we can all finally get into our houses again. Or come out, for those of us trapped in them for four plus hours. The guy, as you probably know by now, was a Grand Theft Auto suspect who fled the cops and hid on Nob Hill. They flushed him out with the K9 units and eventually cornered him–in the buff–down on El Paso.

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