Meet the “Morning Crowd” at the Los Feliz golf course

Oct 15, 2012

Photo by Cameron Parkins/Flickr

The Los Feliz Muncipal Golf Course,  which is located off Los Feliz Boulevard in Atwater Village, is  perhaps best known for scenes of the course that appeared in the 1996 film “Swingers.”  Who plays at the Los Feliz 3 Par?  In a story for SB Nation, writer Rick Paulas, offer a view of the golf course regulars,  including Edward Jaan.  Says Paulas:

Jaan’s a member of the unofficially-named Morning Crowd, an ever-changing collection of men between the ages of 33 to 78 who meet at the course a tad before 9:30 every morning. Now mostly-retired, their jobs range/ed from hairdresser to acting teacher to maintenance worker at a local cemetery to track coach to, of course, independent movie producer. Sometimes, it’s four that show up. Sometimes, 10. Jaan, himself one of the younger in the bunch at 60, shows up about two or three times a week to get his swings in. But many are there every morning, clubs in hand, cigarettes on lips, ready to play the course for $4 ($5.50 if you’re not yet a senior), before forking $2 more to the L.A. Parks Department to play “the back nine,” a fancy way of saying they play the whole thing again.

Paulas, who describes the course next to the Los Angeles River as one of  those “perfect L.A. places, plays at the Los Feliz Par 3 about a half-dozen times a year. “It’s role as a casual and cheap past time for the various struggling actors/comedians/non-9-to-5ers that L.A. is full of is what prompted me to try to write something about it.”

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