Lock up your cars, Silver Lake

May 14, 2012

Photo from Flickr

So far this year criminals have driven away with more than 60 cars and trucks from across Silver Lake while more than 100 other vehicles have been broken into.   The volume of vehicle-related crime has prompted the detectives of the Rampart Division, which patrols the area south of Sunset Boulevard, to warn Silver Lake vehicle owners to be extra vigilant. “It seems that this year, LOTS of stolen cars and car break-ins have been reported in the Silver Lake Area,” said Rampart Detective Mario Mota.  There has also been plenty of car-related crime north of Sunset Boulevard, which is patrolled by the Northeast Division.  Earlier this month Northeast Division Capt. William Murphy said stolen vehicles remain among his division’s most significant challenges, with vehicle theft and break-ins accounting for more than half of all reported crimes.

Click on the link below to view the crime prevention tips from the Rampart Division.

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