Little Joy Sneak Peak: The bar is nice but look at that ladies room

Mar 20, 2013

Behold the bathroom. Photo by Hussein Katz

For several months now Little Joy has been locked up tight as new owners gave the Echo Park hipster dive bar a makeover that features a contemporary, industrial-style with Art Deco touches.  Echo Park resident Joaquin Reyna-Donaldson and business partner Don Andes added a new oak bar and DJ booth but kept some of the original features and fixtures – including the pool table and even bars on some windows.  There is one part of the bar where the new owners, and many of the patrons, were not so nostalgic about: the restrooms. The old Little Joy mens and ladies restrooms were so notorious that many a Yelp! review – included a mention of the dire conditions to be expected:

The band was great and the drinks were cheap.Everything else was not so great… Bathrooms were atrocious (floors were completely soaked with who knows what) – Bethany B.

I have indeed seen coke all over the bathroom at certain points but hey whatever floats their boats? – Monica S.

When I stepped out of the stall [two women] had handfulls of hair and were clawing at each other. Full on GIRL FIGHT! I dodged their swings and washed my hands, quietly sneaking out so as not to get sucked into it. DeAnne D.

In contrast, the new Little Joy restrooms are, well, a joy to behold.  Said a spokeswoman for the bar:

The women’s restroom is HUGE. Three stalls, a large mirror and shelf, and those bars you see on the windows were already a fixture of the bathroom but have been fixed up and made a focus of the room.

The new ladies room, and bar, are scheduled to be open for business in time for the Dodger season opener on April 1. The Echo Park bar still needs some last-minute dressing up and decorative touches but here are some photos of what to expect:

The bar/Photo by Hussein Katz

The pool table/Hussein Katz

The ladies room/Hussein Katz

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