Fence coming down, ducks moving in at Echo Park Lake

Jun 18, 2013

Fence coming down around Echo Park Lake.

There are a few more signs that Echo Park Lake is returning to normal after its grand reopening this weekend:

  •  On Monday, workers began removing large sections of the chain link fence and green screen that had encircled the park during a two-year long  construction period.  Recreation and Parks chief  Jon Kirk Mukri told the L.A. Times this weekend that the fence would not be removed for several months to  protect the newly planted landscape and, according to the Times, help “monitor activity” in the park. But apparently there has been a change in plans, with workers on Monday saying that much of the fence and green tarp should be gone within a week or so.
  • There is still no word, however, on when the netting draped over the lotus bed and new wetlands will be removed. The netting was installed after birds began feasting on the new aquatic plants.  But some persistent ducks and birds has found a way around the netting, reports Dan McCarthy. He snapped the photo below showing a duck framed by a hole in the netting surrounded by lotus leaves.  Lucky duck.

Photo by Dan McCarthy

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